Myth 1 – “Wearing make-up every day is bad for your skin”

I’m sure if you caked on a ton of make up every day, your skin may not thank you for it. Although if you are consistent with good quality make up every day AND you remove it thoroughly before bed, then all will be well. The key is the removal!

Myth 2 – “Nail polish stops your nails from breathing”

False! We hear this so often, your nails are dead cells. They get all of their nutrition and oxygen from your blood stream, not the air.

Myth 3 – “Going out in the sun can help dry out acne”

The sun WILL dry out your skin, but your skin will react by secreting more oils to compensate. This can lead to blocked pores and ultimately more breakouts, not to mention sun damage!

Myth 4 – “If you pluck a grey hair, two more will grow back in its place”

I’m sure you’ve all heard this one before! Truth is, it’s not the case.. each hair grows from a single follicle. You may remove that hair, but another will grow back in its place. Plucking them won’t encourage two to grow,  but neither will it stop the transition to silver fox!

Myth 5 -“Eyelash extensions damage the natural lashes”

As long as a correct application is carried out, eyelash extensions should not damage the natural lashes. The right size and shape should be selected, and each extension should be placed on an individual lash and allowed to drop off with the natural lash growth cycle.

Myth 6 – “Only dry skin needs moisturiser”  

ALL skin needs moisturising and moisture. If you have oily skin, then cleanse to remove your excess oil. But, if you don’t moisturise afterwards, your skin will produce more oil to replenish the oil that it has lost. You should use a gentle cleanser and a light hydrating moisturiser to help keep skin radiant, nourished and balanced. 

Myth 7 – “Shaving makes you r hair grow back thicker and darker”

Now, this is more of an optical illusion. The hair appears thicker and darker as the hair has been chopped. So, it isn’t a soft, fine point like the hair would be if it naturally grew, but blunt and stubbly. So thankfully the hair isn’t actually coarser. But the hair will grow back appearing finer if you wax or tweeze it.   

Myth 8 – “White spots on your nails means you need more calcium.”

False, If you get the odd white mark on your nail it actually means you banged your finger above the nail (matrix) and caused a little damage while it was developing… So simple. If you get lots of white marks on every nail, however, it’s likely that you have a deficiency. So be sure to get it checked out. But the odd one here and there doesn’t mean you need to go and guzzle a pint of milk.

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